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Storypunks Podcast

Jun 22, 2019

Matthew Mather writes cyberpunk technothrillers, as informed by his extensive background as a cybersecurity expert.

In addition to leveraging his expertise, Matthew has gone the extra mile with in-person research or interviews for his books whenever possible.

Come learn from this successful entrepreneur turned...

Jun 14, 2019

In the second part of this interview, Sarena Ulibarri gets into additional detail about solarpunk, including a fantastic list of recommended solarpunk reads.

She also shares more about her own solarpunk writing and how other creators can avoid pitfalls in the genre. Tons to learn from here!

Jun 14, 2019

Sarena Ulibarri has written dozens of short stories that have been published in prominent science fiction magazines and anthologies.

In this interview, we chat about solarpunk, ecopunk, and all kinds of futuristic optimism you won't want to miss!

I loved hearing Sarena's definition of what makes solarpunk unique...

Jun 7, 2019

Nathan Van Coops' steampunk Skylighter series is a great point of reference as we continue talking about steampunk, alternate history, retrofuturism, and more.

Since Nathan is a pilot, I also picked his brain about the airships and other contraptions we love to speculate about as punks. It's a really fun and...

Jun 7, 2019

Some consider time travel its own genre and in this first part of two, I explore this with author Nathan Van Coops. We talk about types of time travel, including a few that may surprise you or ignite new creative ideas.

Nathan has so many relevant insights for anyone reading or writing their own time travel fiction....